We have a strong presence in the world of Information Systems since 1991, providing and implementing state-of-art solutions (products and services), both in T&M and turnkey projects.

Along the years, our main goal has been to innovate. In this regard, we excelled through our participation on national and European projects such as Portugal 2020 and Horizonte 2020 that allowed us to enrich our offer with avant-garde solutions.

Everyday, we help our customers by delivering high quality projects in areas such as information governance, security, cognitive, cloud, digital transformation, among others. We rely on a highly skilled base of professional services and consulting teams, and solid implementation experience.

PDMFC is part of PDM Group, and also leverages the know-how and technology resources synergies from 10 other PDM companies, covering areas such as IT, Telecommunications, Gaming, Marketing, Electronics, Finance Investments and Social Economy.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities and markets, being currently significantly influent in Brazil and Mozambique.



IT Security, IAM, eIDAS, CyberSecurity, Information Security, Consulting, BI, Big Data, Cognitive Services, Cloud Adoption & Migration, Digital Transformation, Mobility, IOT, Information Governance, ECM | BPM, Middleware, Training, Skills Placement e Social Economy.