AFarCloud Consortium Meets In Lisbon, Portugal, to Plan the Year 2 next integrations


At ‘Fundação Cidade de Lisboa’, 79 partners from 13 countries were gathered, discussing the project tasks for the next year. The main topic was the Integration Guidelines and CI / CD for accelerating developments with a focus on maximizing the impact of the 8 local demonstrators. This demonstrators will run during 2020 in Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and Spain with an holistic demonstrator in the last quarter of 2020 in Spain. 

AFarCloud (Aggregate Farming in the Cloud) is producing a distributed platform for autonomous farming that allows the integration and cooperation of agriculture CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) in real-time in order to increase efficiency, productivity, animal health, food quality and reduce farm labor costs. This platform is being integrated with farm management software and will support monitoring and provide decision support systems to help the farmers.

The project also aims to make robots accessible to more users by enabling farming vehicles to work in a cooperative mesh, thus opening up new applications, ensuring re-usability and simplifying new models’ integration.

PDMFC has also used this opportunity to present the advances on their drone model HEIFU. This drone was designed specifically for the needs of the project, being equipped with multispectral cameras to generate NDVI maps while being completely integrated with AFarCloud Mission Management Tool, which allows it to be accessed from anywhere at any time transmitting real-time data to the Cloud.

After the vibrant results in the first holistic demonstration (in Finland) and the acknowledgements from the EU project officer, the consortium is thrilled with the two additional years of the project.

AFarCloud Portugal Coordinator:


Miguel Campos

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